Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Chris Harper-Mercer ISIS Hoax thousands fell for

A Chris Harper-Mercer Hoax has been making its rounds on the internet. It includes a picture of Mercer with an ISIS battle flag in the background.

Investigation: Chris Harper-Mercer not on terror watch list

There has been a report making its rounds on the internet that comes from the "European Union Times". The report claims that Obama refused...

The Chris Harper-Mercer Movie Reference nobody noticed

3 of the 5 alleged major shootings involved with this movie have been carried out at schools. Chris Harper-Mercer did mimic a theme in this movie.

CBS Identifies Oregon Shooter as Chris Harper-Mercer

Chris Herper-Mercer has been identified as the Oregon Shooter. On a page believed to be his myspace page, Chris Mercer could be connected to a radical Islamist.

Shooters Apparent Conversation about shooting Oregon School

This is an authentic word for word replication of the conversation found on This is believed to be the man discussing the Oregon...

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