Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Chris Harper-Mercer ISIS Hoax thousands fell for

A Chris Harper-Mercer Hoax has been making its rounds on the internet. It includes a picture of Mercer with an ISIS battle flag in the background.

Investigation: Chris Harper-Mercer not on terror watch list

There has been a report making its rounds on the internet that comes from the "European Union Times". The report claims that Obama refused...

The Chris Harper-Mercer Movie Reference nobody noticed

3 of the 5 alleged major shootings involved with this movie have been carried out at schools. Chris Harper-Mercer did mimic a theme in this movie.

CBS Identifies Oregon Shooter as Chris Harper-Mercer

Chris Herper-Mercer has been identified as the Oregon Shooter. On a page believed to be his myspace page, Chris Mercer could be connected to a radical Islamist.

Shooters Apparent Conversation about shooting Oregon School

This is an authentic word for word replication of the conversation found on https://archive.moe/r9k/thread/22785073. This is believed to be the man discussing the Oregon...

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