Saturday, November 18, 2017

Farrakhan Supporter: Take Guns and Kill White Police

A man that goes by Willy Nsita on twitter, Willy Nanzueto on facebook recently instructed people to "grab a gun and kill white police"

Scott Deater Beats 1 year old cat to death, takes picture with gun

Scott Deater of Bethlehem Pennsylvania has been charged with beating his girlfriend's 1 year old cat to death because it scratched him. Deater is...

Joe Sworn, Mr E, Complaints about stalking and Harassment

In our investigation into Joe Sworn we found a long history of complaints for stalking and harassment, he changes his name frequently as a diversion.

Yale #blacklivesmatter compares Looting to American Revolution

Recently the Allen West Republic and Weasel Zippers discovered a controversial topic being taught at the Yale #blacklivesmatter course. The topic was "In Defense...

The Chris Harper-Mercer Movie Reference nobody noticed

3 of the 5 alleged major shootings involved with this movie have been carried out at schools. Chris Harper-Mercer did mimic a theme in this movie.

“Eye Empress Sekhmet” Ex-Employer: She’s dangerous.

With the “advancement” of technology and the explosion of social media, one would think that those who have the platform to reach millions would...

Chicagoland Geothermal thinks Suicide is Funny

A person associated with Chicagoland Geothermal thought it'd be hilarious to make suicide videos about Dana Loesch! Not so funny now is it?

#blacklivesmatter crowd steps on flag in front of Veteran

Ferguson #blacklivesmatter protesters have recently been caught on video desecrating a US flag in front of a soldier while screaming racial slurs.

Black Teens Assault White Student Walking Home From School

A video has recently surfaced on a facebook page Ghetto Fights & Crazy Videos. In the video a group of black teens assault a...

Black Man Killed for Supporting Confederate Flag

Anthony Hervey, Author of "Why I Wave the Confederate Flag: Written by A Black Man", was murdered when a car full of "4 or...

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