Saturday, November 18, 2017

Entire Police Force Resigns In South Carolina

It seems every new week bring the call for another resignation as part of the Black Lives Matter demands. As every new officer involved...

Brian and Becky Guilford Sue Officer Frost for failed parenting

After their son was shot for attacking a cop during a traffic stop, Brian And Becky Guilford decided to sue the police rather than take responsibility!

Farrakhan Supporter: Take Guns and Kill White Police

A man that goes by Willy Nsita on twitter, Willy Nanzueto on facebook recently instructed people to "grab a gun and kill white police"

Fort Lauderdale police officer fired over facebook post

Officer Jeffrey Feldewert received a letter June 11th stating that he would be suspended and then terminated for a comment he made on facebook...

Woman accuses Canadian CAS and Police of covering up child rape

We were recently directed to a video on Youtube that contains a mothers plea for justice for her children.   The video claims that the...

Prison Deputies Intentionally murder mentally ill prisoner

COUPEVILLE Washington - Sheriff Mark Brown reported that a mentally ill man’s death from dehydration at the Island County Jail in April was intentionally...

The Deng Manyoun LOUISVILLE KY Police Shooting

Video recently surfaced online of an incident between a Louisville Police Officer named Nathan Blanford and an African American male named Deng Manyoun.  ...

Santa Anna Police Raid Pot Dispensary, Joke about kicking disabled person

An extremely disturbing video has emerged online recently of Santa Anna police raiding a legal Pot Dispensary.   They break down the doors and then...

Casebolt Comforted African American Family Dealing with Suicide on day of incident

It is being reported that Officer Casebolt spent several hours comforting an African American family who was grieving over a suicide the same day...

The Jose Velasco Salinas CA Police Beating

The Mainstream media has been very cautious with this story, some others has posted misleading titles like "Cops beat mentally ill man" when truth...

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