Saturday, November 18, 2017

Police continue to search for woman who threw dog on the ground

Update 1/3/2015 - Fairfield police have found the pug along with the woman, Brandi Chin. The pug is said to be in good condition...

Video: Policeman Saves Dog’s Life in Blazing Fire

Every police officer's duty is met with a certain risk, at times putting them in complete danger to protect and serve others. A police officer...

‘Tis the season to honor Military Working Dogs – “WOOF! WOOF!”

What could be better ways to celebrate this year's holiday season with? Your family, friends, and don't forget our special four-legged friend, the 'other...

ALDF Opens Petition Against ‘Cat Killer’ Veterinarian

Animal Legal Defense Fund opens a petition to have Austin District Attorney to re-open case of Veterinarian, Kristen Lindsey .

Florida woman duct tapes dogs muzzle shut to stop barking

K atie Brown of Daytona Florida posted a picture of her dog with duct tape around its mouth and brags about it to her friends...

Scott Deater Beats 1 year old cat to death, takes picture with gun

Scott Deater of Bethlehem Pennsylvania has been charged with beating his girlfriend's 1 year old cat to death because it scratched him. Deater is...

Man in Bear Costume Harasses Grizzly Bears with Cubs

An Alaskan man in a bear costume allegedly harassed Grizzly bears and their cubs while they were eating.   The incident occured near Haines Alaska...

Where was Cecil The Lion Shot? Why Palmer is responsible

No Media source has reported the exact location where Cecil the Lion was killed. After an extensive investigation, we have finally located the exact...

WTH is Jericho? Cecil the lions Brother, Friend, or Rival?

If you haven't heard the story about Walter Palmer shooting Cecil the lion with a crossbow, you've obviously been living in a cave for...

Marteen Silas Euthanizes Neighbors dog, laughs about it

ADA, Oklahoma -- Marteen Silas illegally Euthanized a neighbors Husky at the PAWS clinic where she worked. Silas claims the dog was chasing her...

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