Scott Deater Beats 1 year old cat to death, takes picture with gun


Scott Deater of Bethlehem Pennsylvania has been charged with beating his girlfriend’s 1 year old cat to death because it scratched him. Deater is also charged with an additional crime for pushing a young female reporter in the courthouse.


Source: The morning call

When Marques and her friend Courtney Zahorchak returned to the home, they found the black, male cat dead in the living room with a bone protruding from his leg, police say. Several walls contained the cat’s blood, police said.
Police were called to the apartment about 2:30 a.m. July 7 and found Deater packing a bag. Deater told police he had killed the cat because it scratched him, police say. He had a minor scratch on his hand, according to police.

I’m Scott Deater, you can find me on facebook

When an officer asked why the cat was wet, Deater allegedly said he put the cat in the tub because it doesn’t like water. There was blood all over the apartment from Deater throwing the cat against the walls, police said.

Now here's the question!

We noticed when browsing through his facebook page that someone took a picture of him shooting a handgun. There are several shell casing on the floor suggesting that the defendant would have access to a lot of fire arms. This leads to the question..

Should this throw a warning flag when for background checks for pistols?

There are reports that link animal abuse of this nature to violence towards humans further down the road. You can almost make a case of it starting with the way the defendant treated the reporter. Should actions like these perhaps throw warning flags when people apply to purchase firearms?

We believe this is a picture of the reporter (left) that Deater pushed.

Should this throw a Warning flag on background checks for pistols?

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It’s a shame this judge only gave him such little time that poor cats life and suffering was worth more than the time this horrific person received. May God punish him equally while he’s in jail.


If the person who wrote this article realised he was at a state firing range, the casings are from hundreds of local users of the range! Once again media turing it into a a firearms issue