Saturday, November 18, 2017

Animal / Child Abuse

Animal Abuse

Kevin Faircloth – Waterbury Connecticut – Sexual Abuse of Animal

Kevin Faircloth of Waterbury Connecticut was charged with beating and sodomizing a small dog with a candle.

Ana Zarco – Fresno, California – Severe Animal Abuse

Ana Zarco of Fresno California delivered a dog to a shelter that had its muzzle taped shut. Zarco made a story up about how she just found the dog at a park but investigators determined that was not true.

Gerald Snyder – Greenfield Township – Dog Killer

Gerald Snyder of Greenfield Township shot his neighbors dog Toby twice killing it. He then hid the remains under a milk crate.

Samantha Palermo – Elmhurst Illinois – Animal Abuse

Samantha Palermo was a part of a mother daughter team that fatally stabbed a cat to death. Samantha stabbed the cat in front of a 14 year old child.
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