Laisha Harris – Conway, Arkansas – Flag Desecrator


Laisha Harris

Conway, Arkansas


Last Update 7/30/2015

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Laisha Harris decided to step on the flag for the #ericsheppardchallenge.  Apparently she wasn’t happy with the reaction she got as you can hear her complaining about it on her blogspot page:

When I posted this that picture, I got comments from random, white people calling me an ungrateful, disrespectful n*gg*r and that if I hated it so much I should leave the country. That my disrespect stretched further than police brutality and “black pride,” but that I should be ashamed of myself. Nobody that I talk to on a regular basis had anything to say, in defense. They just scrolled. Ignoring that a teacher at a local school was calling me an ungrateful n*gg*r. Ignoring the fact that we live in a society where the protection of a fabric made in China is considered more valuable than the life of an unarmed black man, woman, or child.

You can hear her ramblings about the American flag and her king Eric Sheppard below:


Both her twitter and instagram link to her blogspot profile and Google+ page which both reveal her name.

Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is to expose people who desecrate the American flag. All images and videos are taken from posts each individual person has made publicly. The purpose of this page is to expose people, not to condone violence against them.

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Able sentry

Leave you c*nt. We don’t want you here .. Awww your friends won’t defend you that should tell you what a piece of shit. Getto chicken head you are. Haha no one line you