Marlon Cotton – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Flag Burner


Marlon Cotton

Milwaukee Wiasconsin


Known Aliases:

Last Update 7/24/2015

Community Submission

Marlon Cotton is a participant in the #f*yoflag tour which was organized by Vaun L Mayes. In the picture and included video below you can see Marlon Cotton laughing when Vaun L Mayes talks about burning multiple flags. Marlon is a known anti white racist who wishes that white people never existed yet has no problem living in a country full of them. It is worth mentioning that he does cry about it quite often.


Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is to expose people who desecrate the American flag. All images and videos are taken from posts each individual person has made publicly. The purpose of this page is to expose people, not to condone violence against them.

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