Ko’s sports grill calls police helicopters on customers for opinion

A local meetup hosted by Breitbart ended with police helicopters being called after Employees apparently disagreed with the groups opinion.


Breitbart Texas is reporting that their recent public meeting ended with police helicopters and police from 2 townships showing up when people disagreed with their opinion. Breitbart did appear to have something reserved as they have a picture showing a KO sign welcoming them to the establishment:

Photo by Breitbart News

Breitbart recently introduced local meetups where people can get together and peacefully discuss issues. That seems like a great idea. This apparently was the second such meetup. They are saying between 150 – 200 people showed up Thursday the 22nd.

Photo by Breitbart News

AWR Hawkins talked about gun rights and freedom and then Brandon Darby discussed border security related issues. As soon as Brandon Darby opened it to questions KO’s allegedly cut their microphones and tossed them out of the bar.

Photo by Breitbart News

As they made their way outside KO’s they were greeted by police helicopters and police from multiple departments. Witnesses say the police appeared to be unsure of why they were called to something so ridiculous.

Photo by Breitbart News

Well, I’ve finally seen a black helicopter 😉 Actually, it was a police chopper and I have no idea what color it was, especially since it was blinding us with a stoplight.

This was a great demonstration of what is going wrong in our country. There was no disturbance at all, and we weren’t even asked to leave. The mic feed was cut and we eventually found out that the management had done it because one customer had complained about the content of the speeches. Then the police showed up, looking as puzzled as we were. Not only was SPD called, but Phoenix PD also sent a couple of cars, and one or the other agency sent a chopper which was shining its spotlight on this group of calm but rather surprised people.

A bunch of us wandred over to in front of the Scottsdale Gun Club and chatted for a bit, and then we ended up at the Skeptical Chymist. Good group, and a good learning lesson for anyone who didn’t already know how bad things have gotten. – John M

Several people have began complaining and leaving 1 star reviews on the businesses facebook page.

You can read the full Breitbart Article by clicking here.

Updated: An outpouring of backlash

Within an hour the companies facebook rating dropped from a 4.4 to a 3.9 and is still on the decline. People have shown up in force to complain about the companies decision to call the police on people who were having a social gathering event.

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