#blacklivesmatter activist mocks vets with PTSD, applauds mutilating whites

A well known #blacklivesmatter activist Nocturnus Libertus laughed at veterans with PTSD while applauding a mutilation crime against a 23 year old white female.


Nocturnus Libertus, a vocal #blacklivesmatter activist, recently took to facebook to laugh at Veterans who have PTSD.    Libertus didn’t stop there, she then proceeded to applaud the recent attempted torture/mutilation/murder of Danielle Jones, a 23 year old white female who was beaten, tortured, mutilated, and then left for dead by her African American roommate.

Danielle Jones Before

Danielle Jones After

Posts In Question

Mocking Vets with PTSD

Laughing about Attempted Murder

Other Fameous Posts

Now before we show you a shocker about Nocturnus Libertus, here are some of her more famous posts. Keep in mind that facebook’s staff determined showing support for the Marines was a violation of their terms of service, however, all of these fine gems were not:

Marines are a violation:

Attacking 6 year olds is NOT

Same Sex Marriage IS a violation:

Telling people to shoot someone IS NOT:

Honoring Dead soldiers IS a violation:

Inciting violence against them IS NOT

While Mark Jihadisberg may be proud of Libertus’s actions as he watches upon his mighty stolen camel shaped throne in jihadberg California, I know a few people that would definitely not be proud of Nocturnus Libertus’s tirades on the internet.

Libertus's SOLDIER Brother

Michelle Antionette Mcgrone probably wouldn’t be proud either! Naughty Naughty Sierra, Natalie, whatever you call yourself these days Miss Mcgrone!

Sierra Mcgrone, aka Nocturnus Libertus, is also a military dependent. All that flag burning she does is paid for by the US Tax Payer because her family served while she sat on her ass.

Some McGrone family members also have familiar friends in the political scene:

How About We Expose Them?

And lets not just expose them, lets expose them on Nocturnus Libertus’s very own website. Unfortunately for Libertus, she used invalid contact information when registering her prized domain nocturnuslibertus.com. We caught her in the act, got her domain suspended, and then purchased it through a back order service. I can’t think of a more fitting place for a permanent online home for the entire Mcgrone family, how bout you?

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I lead the I'll Write it Team. We've successfully stopped the following people/movements completely unsupported by anyone other than ourselves: #ericsheppardchallenge (The first flag desecration movement) Erica Walker (This used to be her website until we took it from her) Nocturnus Libertus (The one that wiped her butt with the flag, we own www.nocturnuslibertus.com now) Carol Sunshine Sullivan (Original promoter of #FYF911, we got her funding and radio show terminated) Palmetto Star (Leader of #FYF911, we own his site www.tworawfourtv.com and we had his blogtalkradio show finally shut down) King Noble (We shut down his paypal funding and took out both of his sites, they are at www.queennoble.com and www.queennobleblackmessiah.com) You can find me on my facebook alternative website that I am building, facebookrejects.com

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Victoria Matlock

Wow you are Sad young Lady so sad