Saturday, November 18, 2017

Taya Kyle Defeats NRA World Champion In Shoot Out

Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, offered a challenge to the NRA World Shooting Champion. On Saturday, in For the grand prize of 500,000$,...

Facebook Bans Veteran For Insulting ISIS Terrorists

Prissy Holly, a former Army Captain turned journalist, has been banned from Facebook for posting a picture comparing the San Bernardino shooter, Tashfeen Malik,...

I.W.I. Issues Red Alert, Feds caught spying on patriot groups

The Obama administration has been caught red handed using federal agents and informants to track gun owners. Kessler brags about infiltrating several patriotic and...

man claiming to be “dying vet” could have child porn

A man who is claiming to be a dying vet who is attacking a veterans charity has extremely questionable porn on his twitter page and is also looking for sex.

Nocturnus Libertus: More should of Died In Paris

Apparently publicly mocking the dead in Paris isn't a violation of facebook's community standards, however discussing the US constitution is.

Facebook Helps ISIS, Bans and then Unbans Anonymous

Facebook banned an Anonymous account that fought against ISIS just hours before the Paris Terrorist attacks. Apparently they restored it after backlash.

Michael Seno beats disabled vet for telling him to slow down

Richard Jones, a decorated Vietnam Veteran, asked a Seno to slow down in the parking lot which lead to an assault that put the veteran in the hospital.

I.W.I. Exposes Possible Hamas Connection in CIA Hack

I.W.I uncovers strong evidence that the terrorist group known as the Hamas may of been involved in the recent hack of the C.I.A. directors email.

MSN: People like guns because they want to kill soldiers

MSN ran a front page article on 10/17/15 that implied the only reason people like their guns is because they want to kill soldiers and overthrow government

An Investigation into Michael Whaley of #alllivesmatter

Michael Whaley was the African American Marine who appeared on the Kelly File. An investigation into Whaley has revealed very disturbing information.

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