Saturday, November 18, 2017

IWI - Counter Extremism

  • Started May 2nd 2015 To Stop American Flag Burning

    This website started May 2nd 2015 after it was legally taken from Erica Walker.   While Erica Walker was out burning the flag she forgot to renew her domain.   We took care of that for her.

  • Used it Against Them

    We turned the former flag burners site into a legal hall of shame for anyone who desecrated a US flag.  From the #ericsheppardchallenge to the #FYF911 movement, I.W.I. was extremely effective at countering the 2015 flag burning epidemic in America.

  • It Reached Millions

    I.W.I underground work was featured in several major media publications like Breitbart, The Blaze, Western Journalism, The Examiner, and even Fox news.    Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks even gave a press conference about a news story I.W.I. generated.

News, Shame, and The Blame...

We will continue to bring you ground breaking news. We will continue to stand up for veterans and good police.   We will continue to stand up for Good American people while exposing the bad.  We will continue to put an end to extremism and racism.

Hall Of Shame

Marteen Silas – ADA, Oklahoma – Animal Abuse

Marteen Silas was charged with various animal cruelty charges after euthanizing her neighbors husky at the local paws clinic where she worked.

Laisha Harris – Conway, Arkansas – Flag Desecrator

  Last Update 7/30/2015 Other Websites BlogspotLaisha Harris decided to step on the flag for the #ericsheppardchallenge.  Apparently she wasn't happy with the reaction she got as...

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