Joe Sworn, Mr E, Complaints about stalking and Harassment


Joe Sworn hosts an online radio show called Sworn American Sheepdogs with Joe Sworn. He claims it’s a show for patriotic people, veterans, and cops. However when you do a little research on him, you’ll find his long online history of complaints for cyber terrorism and stalking. According to what complaints say he continually changes his name as a diversion so that his antics don’t catch up to him. He was MR E, now he’s “Joe Sworn”. This Ripoff Report gives several of known aliases. Another report accuses him of looking online for underage girls, however we cannot verify that.

We ran into this guy about a month ago, right around the time Officer Goforth was shot. Sworn had the mentality that if you ignore hate it’ll go away, when we had the attitude that people who are promoting anti Police rhetoric need to be stopped. A “facebook squabble” ensued. Eventually we tried to be the bigger person and apologize to him regardless of who started it. We thought it was over there, but boy were we wrong. Trolls will be Trolls.

This site is to stop Todd Anderson of Portland, Oregon from harming, stalking, slandering, and harassing people both on the Internet and while in the world.
So who is Todd Anderson? Well, this guy has many names he uses both online,
and also among others in the world. Edward Anderson, The Toad, Mr E,
Saucerhead, Todd Anderson, and of course any new names he uses will be
added here.
An Internet Real Life Troll and Stalker!

– Ripoff report

Joe Sworn Accused of Looking Online for Underage Girls

The I’ll Write it team can’t validate the complaint, yet it is worth mentioning. Another section of a rip off report accuses Tom Anderson of looking online for underage girls.  While we can’t verify that, we can verify that 5 years ago, Tom Anderson really upset someone.   This person even made a website that is no longer available, called

Suspicious Complaint about Joe Sworn

The screenshot to the right is a very interesting accusation:


Hey guys, there is a 26 yr old kid, looking for his mother named Linda. Linda was last seen with a man named Todd Anderson, but he uses several other names and from what we know, the guy she is with lives near a pizza place, and used to work at Toys R Us.

Anyways please no trolling here, be serious. If you know the guy please comment back. We need an address to mail serious court details to, and Linda’s kid is looking for his mother too. They are even going to radio to do a show about Mr Anderson and the issues surrounding this.

Tom Anderson is desperately seeking attention for his radio show, as last we checked it only had 33 followers.   That might explain why he’s constantly trying to spread conspiracy theories about The I’ll Write It team.  We thought the squabble was over only to find out Sworn has been engaged in a campaign of misinformation for at least 2 months.   When he finally gets called out, he retorts to calling women “twats” and men “fags”.   He also seeks the assistance of his female friends, essentially letting women fight his battles for him.   In our opinion, this guy is a real class act.

Sworn thought we couldn’t hear him, whoops!

Joe Sworn @ CO Screenshots

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I want to thank the illwrite it team and specifically Steven for all he has done and sacrificed for this country and Patriots specifically. I can cooperate the accusations againt Edward Anderson, aka Joe Sworn, with my own experience with him. Truly the way everyone has watched this man attack, and continually stalk and harass myself, my husband, and anyone that comes to our defense for over a month just solidifies the other accusations in my opinion. Yes, i have proof of everything i am aware of and im sure others will eventually come out too, so to anyone that… Read more »