Raymond Lee Walter New Paris PA – Sending penis pictures to minors

Raymond Lee Walter of New Paris PA enjoyed fathers day by sending pictures of his manhood to underage girls online.


Raymond Lee Walter, believed to be from 148 9th AVE New Paris, PA 15554, alleged phone number (814) 839-0038, spent fathers day by sending pictures of his manhood to underage girls online:


According to Raymond Lee Walter’s facebook profile, he is around children. If you live around this man it is my advice to keep your children as far away from him as possible:


I don’t know what kind of a bottom feeder would go around sending pictures of his penis to Underage girls on fathers day, but apparently I now do. His family must be very proud of him.

It is my advice that you should keep your children as far away from Raymond Lee Walter as possible, as it’s just not normal to send penis pictures to underage girls online. Who knows what he does behind closed doors in his own house.


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