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Christian Dejesus

Brooklyn Ny


Last Update 7/30/2015


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Christian DeJesus is the rapper from Brooklyn New York that uses the Alias Don Beardo Corleone. He is in a rap/hip hop group called “Civil Justus”. This rapper is so hardcore he dox attacked himself and released his own information publicly to the world on Probably should of considered privately registering your domain Christian before burning a flag.

He gives away his email here which is the same email used when registering the domain.

Purpose of this Page

The purpose of this page is to expose people who desecrate the American flag. All images and videos are taken from posts each individual person has made publicly. The purpose of this page is to expose people, not to condone violence against them.

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Bon James

Send to the clubs in Newport


dejesus is a latino that should have never been brought to this country..this is just another reason why trump should be elected