How to sue Terry Littlepage if you’ve been a victim of plagiarism.


If you’re been victimized by a website affiliated with Terry Plagiarizing your work, here’s a cheat sheet for taking appropriate actions against him.

Step 1, hit him where it hurts (Fastest)

The first thing you should do is report him for plagiarism to his advertising networks. This is a serious violation of their terms of service.

Terry’s advertising network:
Rev content: or by phone at 941.225.6132
Ad Supply: (888) 547-9666
Google adsense: You can contact google a 1-866-2GOOGLE, or by contacting them at these links:

Step 2, Terry Littlepages Info

If you’re going to sue Terry, you’re going to need to know all about him. According to the domain registration information that is public, this is Terry Littlepage’s contact information and address. You can have Terry Littlepage served at this address:

Terry Littlepage
429 Lombardy Ave.
El Paso Texas 79922

DO NOT visit Terry Littlepage’s former site, this is  a known attack/malware/phishing website as this is apparently what Mr. littlepage engaged in prior to plagiarizing content.

Step 3, Evidence

In order to file a case against Terry you’re going to need evidence.  If this link was given to you directly, you already know the points in this video where your work was stolen, if not, a CSV and Excell formatted workbook file will be provided below so that you can key the times in this video that are relevant to you.

Master Plagiarism list CSV format:

Master Plagiarism list Excel format:

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Dan Tillerson

If he is so malicious and so ‘able to be sued’ why has he not been? are you sure this isn’t just a personal feud with the guy. LOL People are doing this all over the internet on a daily basis. nice try, dude.