History often repeats itself. We are taught it from a tender age in order to not repeat the mistakes.

Yet in 2015, Black Lives Matter has been brought to the brink of becoming a new spin on the Nazi Party. The agenda of this hate group follows so much of Hitler’s game plans, it’s impossible to ignore. Let’s take a brief trip back to the beginnings of the National Socialist Party in Germany and the roots of the Third Reich.

The National Socialist Party Began As A Minority

  • The Nazis began the fight for power with two keys maneuvers. Using legal measures with government backing was the preferred tactic. The other was to use incitement, violence, and terror in varying degrees to make their voices heard. Even at the peak of Nazi power, less than a tenth of the population supported them. Relatively few people either supported or resisted the movement. However, remaining passive was just as dangerous to those that suffered under their “solutions”. Sound familiar?
  • Their racist propaganda was plastered everywhere. It was even being taught at schools. Youth was brought to their rallies, and brainwashed. Similar to DeRay McKesson being offered a position teaching at Yale, a prestigious college. Likewise, there has been talk of a Black Lives Matter textbook being introduced into grade schools. Every available outlet was used to spread the message of the Nazi movement. In this day and age it is TV, social media, and music. The exact techniques have advanced making it so much easier in the present day.Inside the National Socialist Party, only a small group were the extremists, and they used their recruits to further the genocide and hatred that fuelled them. The vast majority of the people who blindly followed wanted nothing more than a better life. As history showed, that was not the REAL results that this group wanted. It was merely a ploy to gain numbers.
  • The desire for something better led youths, the unemployed, and lower middle class to the Nazi party. Germany had recently suffered an economic depression due to the war, and the government was viewed as ineffective. The Nazi party, guided by racist idealisms and an authoritarian mindset, believed one race to be the cause of all that was wrong. Democracy collapsed under this radical new regime. offshoots even believing their race was superior to all others. If you look at BLM you see the same kinds of people massing to it, hoping that it will right the wrongs in life by blaming others. The FukYoFlag movement, an offshoot of BLM, considers their race superior to all others. A “master race” if you will, though the choose different varibles in the way they present it.

The Modern Day Results Of The New Regime

  • It’s been thrown out that BLM is not geared only toward the black community, but to anyone who has experienced police brutality. That it is not a politic movement and has no agenda to do with the government. That the only true purpose of this movement is to promote equality among the races One look at their website will negate most of these lies. It clearly states at the very beginning that this IS a political movement and it is against the way America is governed. The means to the end the envision makes no sense, If BLM cannot influence their own followers to end the incitement, violence, and destruction, clearly they cannot control the criminals in this country. How can they possible know a better way than law enforcement, when their own followers break laws consistently. While the government could use some firm guidance, it is the job off all the people to right those wrongs, working together. The nonsense that we do not share the same rights is nonsense. Equal rights are a foundation of our society, and so is the responsibilities that come with those rights.
  • There is no equality in the agenda of Black Lives Matter. There’s no need to try to cover up for them when they clearly state they want the black community to focus solely on themselves. The ends they propose have a ringing similiarity to segregation, where they buy, live, cohabitate, and live BLACK. This is not a call to merely strengthen their communities. As prevalent as its become to hear of blacks being killed en masse by other blacks, that is not an issue for BLM. To truly make lives matter, the issue should be putting an end to anything that threathens them. According to them, the issue is not the criminals, but those that protect and serve Americans and defend us. By BLM standards, no black individual should take any personal responsibility, but merely play the victim. The Nazi party also perfected this tactic, by wanting their own pure race to be above the law of the land, to make the law of the land bend toward their whims.
  • While much of America is living in a start of poverty or hardship, BLM claims to have the answer for the black community. It must be the government’s fault, that they are singled out for this. NO amount of evidence showing this is a problem for all races deters the movement. If only BLM influenced the government, all the hardship would stop, since the government only caters to the white race. Hitler promoted the exact same of the German government, only it was the Jewish causing hardship for the entire pure race. The empty promises brought thousands to him, and most of his followers had no true idea what his ultimate aim was. Even the majority of BLM followers have no clue what this movement is actually attempting. So many ignorant people are supporting this movement in the hope it will bring better times. The Third Reich proved they could make followers simply by giving people the hope they need and someone to blame for their wrongs.

But Who Is The New Hitler?

The biggest question left unanswered is who the clear leader is. There’s many that support this hate fueled propoganda. So we have to look at who has the ability to that the reins. While many believe it to be George Soros, I find this unlikely. In the end he would not benefit unless he was working for someone BLM would look up to. Obama is known to follow and sympathize with all their demands. He has done little to fix this mess and quite a bit to enlarge it. The trail is quite clear even from an unbiased perspective. His crimes and treasons are many, all while doing all he can to control America in every aspect. Gun control, though important, is not the critical key to his plan. Armed resistance will not work any better now than it did for the Jewish sympathizers, we need more. We need to raise our voices, use our minds, and refuse to allow anyone to be passive on this matter. Many believe this is leading to another World War and all the history shows it is likely. We must protect our country and know the fact from the fictions.

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Hi Red Queen…do you have a Facebook account I could like and follow?

Damien Cross

The BLM movement is the new NAZI Party & are worse than the KKK.
Everyone in the BLM. FukYoFlag movements need to be hunted & slaughtered like the animals they are.

A very peaceful activist
A very peaceful activist
How dare you just compare the black lives matter movement to NAZIS?! From what orifice did you pull these false principles out of? Nazis targeted a group of people and used them as a scale goat in order to advance their political party. Black lives matter is a movement with an attempt to end the needless brutality from police. We don’t want to take over America, we want the reassurance of being able to be pulled over for an accidental speeding ticket without having to worry about being shot to death in frount of our families. We want to live… Read more »