When LE Supporters Betray, How Do We Find Unity?

Troy has a history of using others as spies among pro LEO groups and pages. One of those spies has long been Yvonne Chavez. The two of them became close while she flattered his needy ego on his page. We are unsure how their alliance progressed or who approached who first but one thing for certain it didn’t take long for Yvonne to start doing Troy’s dirty work. She often bragged about how well connected she was in LE, and that no one would catch her. If she was caught Yvonne swore she would have officers vouch for her, hiding her traitorous behavior behind a badge.

Yvonne was already in many groups and pages for LE, so he would relay information back to him. This went on for several months while he bragged he had a “villager asset” keeping an eye out for his interests. During this time, and with Yvonne’s tips, he attacked several pages and people trying to ruin their lives and even their means of making a living. She was literally a fountain of knowledge for his disgusting games. Hiding behind her reputation, she would gain trust and gather information Troy could use.

Troy made a mistake when he was too confident and revealed his source to his other admins. He even went so far as to add her to the admin chat so she could spy on his admins for him. She started watching what the other admins were doing on and off the page. His trust in her was profound and unquestionable, despite her alliance being swayed many times to others. Troy and Yvonne had become very close it seemed, until an admin tried to warn Yvonne about his deceitful nature. The woman who was selflessly trying to keep others out of his way had no idea she was dealing with Troy’s spider.

Not Just A Badge Bunny

Yvonne used the messages she sent her as a warning to help Troy attack and discredit the ex-admin, Sherri Brewer. For someone who claims she is pro police, working that close with Troy would become a conflict of interest, but she didnt swerve in her loyalty to him. When Troy Werker’s latest crop of admins quit en masse after just three weeks, Troy became paranoid, trusted no one…except Yvonne. She came out from her behind the scenes role and took pleasure in watching Troy attack innocent people or those that knew the truth about them. After being confronted with our knowledge of her exploits, she still tried to protect Troy and her reputation, denying knowledge of ever working with him. If there was nothing to be ashamed of, why would she work SO hard to make sure no one knows of their long and destructive partnership?

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