Meet the Christian stealing from Veterans, Police, and fellow Patriots

A Texas man has been caught stealing from Veterans, Police, and Fellow patriots, in a very unique way. IWI Uncovers this scam in our latest investigation.


An El Paso Texas man who identifies as a Christian has been caught red-handed being the registered owner of a website that steals from Veterans, Pro Police websites, and several Patriotic/Conservative/Christian oriented groups, websites, and people. The website is very clever with what it does, the owner in my opinion is definitely a pro at this scam.

To understand this sinister plot, you must first understand how serious plagiarism is, you must also understand how this can put people out on the street with no place to live. Plagiarism is when you steal someones work and represent it as your own. They set up feed aggregators and article copiers via blackhat SEO tools to illegally copy the journalism of others. They then have several websites that the stolen content is automatically posted to. The articles are copied word for word, picture by picture, title by title, without them lifting as much as a finger.   The victims have ranged from Veterans to Viral websites.

How Littlepage's Criminal outfit works:

Look at the following two articles, they both look the same right?

The Article on the left was wrote by a journalist at 100% fed up. You can probably tell they put quite a bit of effort into it. The article on the right, was wrote by Terry Littlepages website’s black hat SEO spambot. It goes out and steals content from websites, and then automatically posts it on Terry’s site without Terry even lifting a finger. In my opinion he must make a significant income from this.

Out of 40 Articles, 40 were Plagurized

When reviewing this website to write this article, we based the report on the first 4 pages of articles.  Each page contains 10 articles, this leaves us with a grand total of 40.   Of the 40 articles we reviewed, 100% were plagiarized.

100% Fed Up

First to know

Hello U

The other companies that were victimized int he first set of articles were Khou (1), Fox news (1), Reuters (1), Life Buzz (2), Viral Thread (5), Viral Nova (3), Buzz Vira (1), Jammed up (1), CBS (1), Fanbuzz (1), WND (1), and Crime Watch (1).

Why hasn't Terry Littlepage got caught?

It’s my belief that it is because Terry threatens to sue you with his attourneys when someone calls him out on his scam.   Recently Terry Littlepage threatened the I’ll write it team on their facebook page for merely writing the truth about him.   We told him he could go @*(* himself.

Terry Littlepage’s attorneys don’t scare us, send us your letters, threaten to sue us, do whatever you want, the article isn’t going anywhere.  The fact that you are sending such threats shows that you’re really desperate to get this information hidden “in my opinion”.

Some of the authors his website victimized were veterans, one of them I know personally but due to fear of losing their job, I cannot mention them in this article. The website has also done this to police websites, though the websites primary target has always been conservative journalism and patriotic causes.

Unfortunately for Terry, you can't sue News

On the next page I will be releasing all the information you would need to sue Terry for plagiarism, as well as indisputable video proof showing the evidence. I’ll expose the websites advertising network, so that you can report him for plagiarism and get his funds seized if you are the victim of similar plagiarism.

If you have been a victim of Terry’s Plagiarism click through to the next page by clicking on the button below!

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