Any leads or information can be reported to The IllWriteIt Team. For more information on what I.W.I. has collected on Troy E Werker click on the button to open the information in a new tab.

As part of our series exposing Troy Werker and his accomplices, this is by far the most disturbing. During our investigation of Troy, his overt racism was an appalling trend that showed repeatedly. His bigotry did not stop him from showing his pity for Nocturnus Libertus on January 3rd, 2016. He shouldve stopped there. Nocturnus Libertus is the woman who made the “Eric Sheppard” challenge popular, wiping her rear end with our American Flag. Her list of crimes is long and can be read at our Hall Of Shame.

The Benedict Arnold Of Law Enforcement Support

As a member of the FYF movement, Nocturnus has made her stance on LE very clear….she wants them all dead. So why would a man who claims to support that cause EVER seek an alliance with her? Nocturnus gave him her trust due to intel he gained from his spies, as well as a lie he had taken down The IllWriteIt Team. Once they made their pact, Troy Werker has taken a step off the cliff of disgrace. Nocturnus came out from under her rock to celebrate, joining Troy on the page he made to mock what he claimed to destroy “The Illiterate Team”.

Unfortunately, Troy will not stop until he has harmed people, and publicly bragged about those he is attacking. Two members of FYF were visible on the page, with unknown amounts watching, as Troy posted personal information about a LE supporter and her loved ones.

To lull Troy into a false sense of security, The IllWriteIt Team had deactivated their accounts, but we won’t stand to see innocents harmed. In order to stop anymore information being brought out for anti-LE members to see, I.W.I. leader resurrected his account and engaged Troy. It was clear from the speedy manner Troy shut down his mock page and Nocturnus disappeared they knew their alliance was EXPOSED.

The most worrisome aspect of this encounter, what has Troy Werker released to her privately?

Troy ran a huge FB police support page, and many officers had trusted him with their identities. By offering custom badge profile pictures for LEOs, he could even give Nocturnus a way to spot officers just by their Facebook picture. The staggering amount of personal information his spies, Yvonne Chavez to name one, has brought him on LE supporters could be turned over to Nocturnus at anytime. Many have also contributed to his knowledge base unknowingly, thinking their help was to aid LE, not help Troy settle personal vendettas. It is of the upmost importance that EVERY member of law enforcement, the military, and their supporters be VERY aware of this betrayal.

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