Patriot Nation Is Being Torn Apart By FAKETRIOTS

The most necessary causes are being undermined by those that represent it in negative ways. To make a campaign we need to root out the weakening links.


In contrast to my normal work, this article will be a bit more from the heart, and less analytical..

As a patriot, but one that does not rally behind any banner other than America, I feel I can no longer watch silently. In light of the recent divisions, especially the Oregon Militia debate, I have decided to add my voice. Not everyone will agree with my views, but know I am trying to see things from both sides.

However, therein lies the first obstacle to a strong patriotic movement. One of the leading reasons Black Lives Matter had any success, is they manage to put differences aside to achieve a common goal. If we, as Patriot can not do the same, we cannot hope to achieve our goals. We let different views stand in the way of unity by belittling others for their differences. Intolerance of those on our side will be the death of any kind of cohesion.  Any lasting victory has always been achieved by those who come from many different walks of life finding a solution.

Black Lives Matter has lost any kind of credibility due to an exceeding amount of representation being malicious or hypocritical. The bad apples have run amok, with no one standing up and saying “This does not represent us.”

We Can No Longer Harbor the Faketriots

We all know the kind of people I’m talking about. The racists, the extremists, the drama queens, the bigots, and the people who use this cause only to settle personal scores or agendas. These are not the principles that have guided our nation, but the ones that have been slowly eating away at it. History has taught me that allies need not always share the exact same beliefs, but they compromise to further their strength and ability. This is not about obtaining glory or attention for ourselves but to build a stronger nation that cares for the people who truly make it great. The type of people who are not limited to white, Christian, conservative, or any one genre of humanity. We cannot continue to allow those that deface what America stands for be the voice of our cause.

We will no longer tolerate these false parasites who only care for personal gain or attention.

How can we critique the injustices of government if we act in similarly criminal ways. How can we support those that have served this country, when we can’t see past the merit of their religion or politics? How can we be taken seriously if we make heroes from the same characters we’ve scorned when the color of their skin was different?

I don't expect this article to be well received by the majority.

Some will immediately take a defensive stance, making excuses for why their defects are okay. Some may lash out, considering my words to be a rebuke. It’s never easy to look at yourself or those around you and admit perhaps they have not been an asset to what we fight for. That some changes and concessions will be necessary if we are to have any real hope of improvements. Nevertheless, these are not impossible, but will in the end make a truly consequential impact.

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