Saturday, November 18, 2017

Black Friday Protests Erupt Out Of Control

CHICAGO, IL - Stores such as Burberry, Nike, and Nordstrom were blocked off by protestors on Black Friday. Police lines held back the mob...

Rev. Jesse Jackson Steps In To Lead And Incite Chicago Protests

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has been quite busy organizing a protest in Chicago on Black Friday. The events are set to begin at 11...

Chicago Mob Destroys City Christmas Decorations As “Peaceful Protesting” Continues.

As another day of protests broke out on Thanksgiving Eve in Chicago, we witness more destruction. The Christmas tree located in Millennium Park on...

Protestors Become Violent After Chicago Officer Arrested For Murder

Tuesday night, as the sun set over Chicago, IL, people began to gather after a dash cam video was released. In October of 2014,...

White Shooters acting in self defense in protest shootings

Earlier today we reported that police were looking for 3 white shooters that opened fire on a crowd of black lives matter protesters. Now...

3 White males open fire at #blacklivesmatter protest

Police are looking for 3 white men after they opened fire on a group of black lives matter protesters just a block from the 4th Precinct station.

42 #blacklivesmatter protesters arrested for blocking traffic

A group of 42 #blacklivesmatter protesters were arrested Monday for blocking traffic in Minneapolis Minnesota according to an article by the Associated Press. They...

Eye Empress’s father trying to get rid of people providing evidence

Chauncey Nedd, Latausha Nedd's (Eye Empress Sekhmet) father is now doxing witnesses who are providing evidence in the case against his daughter and then...

Man Down! 3 #FYF911 Protesters arrested at Empress Trial

2 men and 1 female were arrested October 23rd at the Eye Empress Sekhmet (Latausha Nedd) for refusing to remove their masks.

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