Holly R. Brock Charged with Molesting 2 year old daughter


Jackson County prosecutors claim a Lee’s Summit woman sexually abused her daughter when she was 2 years old. She has been charged with first-degree statutory sodomy for deviate sexual intercourse with a victim less than 12 years old.

The investigation began in August 2014 when the girl told a therapist that she had been sexually abused. We’re (illwriteit) not getting into the specific details, but the daugther claimed that her mother performed oral sex on her two times, once when she was 2 and the other while she was 3.

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The Lee’s Summit Police Department then conducted 3 interviews with the child, who is now five. The child said that Brock licked her “bottom”, vagina and breasts on separate occasions. They then asked the child if it happened more than once, the child replied:


<blockquote>“more than one time. Like a whole year”</blockquote>

The child said that Brock would take her into the bathroom, lift her night gown, and molest her.

Brock’s charge is an unclassified felony that carries a punishment of life in prison or a term not less than 10 years if she’s found guilty. She’s also subject to lifetime supervision if convicted. A warrant for her arrest has been issued, and prosecutors have requested a $50,000 bond.

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Jenna McCoy

People like this make me sick. (also, I feel like I’m the only registered user on here lol)

Victoria Matlock

Wow I was 5 when My Naghbior Did this too me sick