Who are the Hallowed Sons?


The Hallowed sons recently made the news when they showed up to counter protest a flag burning demonstration in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. They were instantly labeled as a violent biker gang and even accused of using weapons by a photographer named Shay Horse. We wanted to see if this was true or just another biased stereotype against biker organizations.

Who Are They?

The Hallowed Sons is a motorcycle club based out of Brooklyn Ny.  According to Jenna Pope Photography, they formed September 8th 2012.  They are active in their community as part of their mission is helping those local to them.  They proved this when they helped feed victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Hallowed Sons – “Our mission is to promote brotherhood, family values and community to all those around us. We will come together for one another and support one another for anything and everything. We will support our communities and protect our communities the best that we can. We will provide as much as we can for those who cannot provide for themselves at the time. We will build a relationship and reputation for our communities and keep those values taught to us strong and alive. We will be open to new members who value what we value, want to help us help each other as well as pay it forward to those around us in need of our support.

We will protect ourselves, neighbors, and neighborhoods the best that we can. We will ride together, we will serve together, and most important of all we will always be together! Without unity there is no community.”

Hallowed Sons Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

This article appeared on Jenna Pope Photography. It was no longer available on the internet as of 7/29/2015. This article wrote by her and we thought it was an excellent article!

The Hallowed Sons motorcycle club is based out of Brooklyn, NY, and just formed on September 8th of this year. After hurricane Sandy tore through the northeast last Monday night, they headed out to Staten Island Tuesday afternoon to help out. They came across the New Dorp neighborhood, which is the most devastated area I have seen so far while traveling to hard-hit areas in NYC. The Hallowed Sons were the first people to make it to this neighborhood to offer help. The entire area flooded, and many homes are not salvageable because of extensive flood damage. Others were completely leveled to the ground. Below are a few photos I took of the neighborhood last night:

The members of this motorcycle club have been doing everything they can to help out and protect the residents of New Dorp since they got there on Monday. They watch for looters to make sure the peoples’ possessions that survived the storm are not taken, and have set up a site where people can come to 24/7 if they need food, supplies, or just a safe place to stay. There’s always hot food available for people to eat, and they’ve even been providing food for the cops and sanitation workers in the area. Members of the club have also been helping people clean out their homes. When it gets later in the day, they start up a fire for warmth, although that would not typically be acceptable in NYC. The cops don’t give them any problems for this because they realize the need for it.

Originally they were just set up in a small park in the neighborhood, but today they moved into a storefront across the street that had been somewhat damaged during the hurricane. It’s starting to get cold out, and another storm will be coming through the area tomorrow, so the building will provide more protection. Originally the cops told them that they couldn’t take over the building, but they went ahead with it anyways. The cops ended up leaving them alone, and members of the club then contacted the owner of the building who gave them permission to stay there. And since the folks in this area don’t have running water, they are in need of port-o-potties. The closest ones to them are about a 20 minute walk away, so some guys in the motorcycle club “acquired” a few port-o-potties for them.


It is truly inspirational to see the members of this motorcycle club step up and provide these services for a community that is completely devastated. People who live in the neighborhood have expressed to me how grateful they are to have them there to look after them.

Jigsaws comments when interviewed:

James Prochnik interviewed a Hallowed Sons member who goes by Jigsaw. This is what he had to say in 2012:

They defended our Flag

The Hallowed Sons stopped a flag burning protest in Fort Greene Park.  Burning a flag offends a lot of us, and while everyone may not agree with their methods, they did stop a flag burning protest.  Nobody was killed, nobody was seriously injured.  No arrests were made despite bogus claims by cowards like Shay Horse who say they used weapons but has no pictures, even though he’s a “Photographer”.    NO more flags were desecrated after they showed up. 

For this you have our respect, thank you for defending the flag, and thank you for supporting your local community.

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great work,not all people who ride are bad,they do a lot of good,in the Houston,Texas are one group the san jacinto riders do a lot for people who can not do for their selves,rides for kids,raising $ for them as well.

Ed Stout

Thank you!


Ok, You say you’re doing great things for the community. Take off the ballpoint hammer pin and the 81 support patches. Then maybe we take you serious.


RESPECT ! From Australia…. people rallied and sacrificed for the Flag. Well done.